Saturday, 18 June 2011

First Bio-Fuel Jet Manages Atlantic Flight

In a huge step for aviation, a business jet has flown from New Jersey to Paris on 'Green' fuel, becoming the first flight to complete a bio-fuel transatlantic crossing.

The flight marks another leap towards a greener aviation sector and will surely pave the way towards more green flight innovations.

The flight was operated by Honeywell international in a Gulfstream G450 and left Morristown NJ at 9m, landing in Paris seven hours later. In a move to signify the gravitas of the flight, the pilot closely followed the route of Charles Lindbergh's pioneering first flight across the Atlantic.

The fuel used in the journey is derived from camelina - an Oilseed crop that has the ability to grow on any poor quality land. To place the green credentials of the fuel into perspective, its use saved 5.5 metric tonnes of Co2 emissions when compared to a flight using petroleum.

The flight follows the continued trend in the aviation market for greener fuels, with the likes of Airbus recently showcasing their own green alternatives.

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