Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Truth About Air Travel

Myths surrounding air travel are flying about everywhere. From mobile phone use on flights causing crashes, to intoxication occurring far quicker in the air than on the ground.

But barely any of these have any substance to them. In this quick run-down we'll separate fact from fiction.

Myth number one is that electronic devices on planes interfere with navigation equipment thus causing plane malfunction. Many people believe that this ban is in place because phone signals interfere with GPS signals, but the basis for this ban is that phone signals bouncing between mobile phone towers will prevent mobile communications from the ground making it to the cockpit. Either way there is very little evidence to suggest this would really cause major disruption.

Myth number two. Air conditioned air on planes causes rapid spread of germs and sickness. This is a big untruth that many people believe to be true. The air filters on board these aeroplanes are in fact very sophisticated and extract 99% of all germs and viruses and therefore cleaner than much of the air we breathe in our everyday lives. 

Myth three - Drinking at high altitude gets you drunker, quicker. Inebriation is measured by the quantity of alcohol in your bloodstream and therefore you will not be affected by the altitude at which you are flying.

Myth number four suggests that you can book your flight on any day of the week and your final price will not be affected. This is in fact false as flights being booked on a weekday and a weekend can differ by substantial amounts. Research has shown that Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays offer best value for money combine this with a decent flight provider and you're on to a winner!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ryanair Vs Easyjet

They are the two biggest budget airlines in the UK, riding the wave of the no-frills airline movement for the last decade allowing anyone to travel almost anywhere for a nominal fee.

But, budget airlines are in the budget bracket for a reason. They provide you with the bare essentials and make the passenger do much of the work to avoid overheads and drive down costs.

So what are the main differences between these two juggernauts? Which airline scrimps the most and which offers the greatest level of overall comfort?

Both airlines fly from all of the major airports in the country so evens on that one, but in terms of flights from London Ryanair operates primarily out of Stanstead whilst Easyjet seems to have more of a share at Gatwick. For this reason, Easyjet takes a point here for operating from the more accessible, larger airport.

Inflight, both airlines provide very little in terms of comfort. No free magazines (apart from the airline's own), no complimentary food or drinks and no television or media. Food and drink can be purchased on-board but prices are heavily inflated. The seats are not what you would class as luxurious on either airline but they are sufficient for short-haul flights. Seats are free-for-all upon boarding so you may have to brace yourself for scrumming and elbows-at-dawn upon boarding! No winners here!

How about prices? Well, if we compare one popular flight we can see a noticeable difference here. The initial cost of a ticket to Belfast from London costs £54 with Easyjet whilst Ryanair charges a more conservative £44. But add in the extras such as taxes and booking charges and the total cost of the Ryanair ticket is nearly double the initial price at £85! Compare this to Easyjet's £63 and the winner here becomes clear. Easyjet wins this one with ease.

In conclusion, in comparing three vital factors, it is Easyjet that comes out as the winner primarily due to the fact that they charge their customers less. Flights with Easyjet can be found through a range of online providers but for the best prices go with a reputable firm.