Monday, 30 May 2011

The ugliest plane designs ever to grace the skies

Today we take a sideways look at the world of aviation and look at some examples of the most gaudy, offensive and downright awful paint-jobs in the world of flight.

All planes that you are about to see have somehow, at some point, been allowed to fly through the air and in the process commit crimes against the World of aviation.

1)Qantas Airways - Aboriginal Spirit
Well, it's certainly original. This design was commissioned in 2006 to celebrate Australia's oldest population. Rather than being enthused by this design, I'm certain that Aboriginal people were possibly quite offended by the myriad of gaudy colours and cut/copy Aboriginal art.

2) Air-Nippon - Air Pikachu
A Japanese cartoon who has had the gall to imprint ones-self upon the legendary Boeing 737, this Pikachu plane has thankfully been restricted to flying solely over Japanese flight territory.

3) Alaska Airlines - Mickey Mouse
What better way to advertise your multi-billion pound company than through a massive flying billboard. This Mickey mouse monstrosity has probably endeared a generation of young children to the world of Disney whilst simultaneously losing most of its Adult audience!

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