Monday, 17 October 2011

Air travel Myths: Flights and air fares

There are many myths concerning air travel that you would be wise to avoid and learn the truth about. Many of them concern missing flights and what your rights are should this happen.

1. If you miss your flight you will be booked on the next one
This is usually a myth as it all depends on the circumstances surrounding the missed flight. Basically if there was no way that you could avoid missing the flight then you will usually be allotted a space on the next flight. Flight providers take a dim view on tardiness that is your fault so beware!

2.You will be reimbursed if the flight is cancelled
Once again, it depends on who, or what, is responsible for the cancellation. If it is the flight providers fault then you will usually receive a refund. However, if the weather is the culprit then the airline can wash their hands of any money that you expect back - so make sure you are insured!

3.Your flight will wait for you if you check-in late
Having been a victim of this, I can assure you that the pilot will certainly not wait for you as you stumble aimlessly towards the boarding gate. If you are running late, get to the gate ASAP!

4. If you book as a group you are guaranteed to be seated together
Untrue. The flight provider is under no obligation to sit you together. Once again, I can vouch for this one and it's really not fun. Being split from your group is more likely to happen if the flight is close to being filled and you are one of the last to check-in.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Defining Jetlag

For many of us who run the gauntlet of the long-haul flight the dreaded jetlag has become something of a nemesis.

You know the deal, you set down at your vacation hotspot hoping for a speedy transfer so that you can make the most of the hotel pool before the day is up. Instead, you are warmly welcomed by your good friends fatigue, headache and, best of all, irregular sleep pattern - Collectively know as jetlag.

This horrible affliction is common and you are most likely to experience it if you fly through multiple time zones as  it is in essence a disruption of the body clock. You see, the human body despite its inherent cleverness, is susceptible to the most basic of things...

...In the case of jetlag the body is experiencing different light patterns to what it is used to, thus disrupting the finely tuned sleep-wake cycle. As well as this, the body will not be used to the new times in which you choose to eat - It seems that the human body is something that adapts to a particular routine, so beware all those that choose to go against it!

The severity of jetlag is affected primarily on the distance that is travelled and the individual in question. Some of us just seem to have the knack of adapting well to the surroundings and soldiering on through it which is often the best piece of advice. For the rest of us jetlag remains our greatest flying opponent!