Thursday, 14 April 2011

Brits pay highest flight taxes in Europe!

I heard a startling fact today about the cost of the UK's aviation taxes. Whilst many countries are actively lowering their flying taxes, it seems that taxes for UK flyers are forever on the up.

In the last two decades, air passenger duty in the UK has increased by a huge 2600% with travellers paying more than any other country in the world. Rather than encouraging people to travel and holiday, it's as if we are being penalised and prevented from travelling to our favourite destinations.

Anyway, in an attempt to counter the Government's incessant misuse of air taxes, industry leaders are joining with The Association of British Travel Agents to prevent more increases.

This year the treasury is expected to pocket £2.2billion of travellers money with further increases predicted over the next few years. To put the taxes into perspective, it would cost a family of four flying to Australia £340 in flight tax. Compare this to another country in the EU- such as France - and the same family would expect to pay just £15. With such huge differences you can really see how unfair the UK system is.

The best way to offset such inflated taxes is by purchasing your flights as cheaply as possible through online providers such as directline.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

5 Tips For The Ultimate Flying Experience!

Think you're ready for your next flight?

Think again. These five very quick tips will ensure you have the best possible experience and make time go that little bit quicker.

1) Take your own amenities.
Whether it's pillows, ear-plugs, magazines or blankets, take your own! Airlines have noticeably been cutting down on these lately to save costs. Low-cost airlines offer an even more stripped down service so make sure you are well equipped!

2)Have a little chat
Sometimes it's good to talk to strangers and you will often find some very interesting people on flights. If you're sitting next to a stranger, have a go at making conversation; you may find out some interesting things about them, if not, who cares? You'll never see them again!

3)Take gadgets
For many of us our gadgets are our saving grace on flights. I-pods, gameboys and portable DVD players can all be invaluable sources of entertainment - especially for young children.

4)Enjoy your Meal
Many of us base our flights around the on-board meal-times, and why not? Quite often the food is actually rather tasty and you can use up precious time delicately enjoying cheese and biscuits or a pleasant coffee. Just be sure to avoid the special options as these meals are often lacking in the taste department.

5)Deal with the odours of others
With a plane filled with hundreds of people each with their own unique smell, you're bound to get the odd stink that you really cannot agree with. Whether this is the elderly lady with the cheesy feet or the gentleman a couple of rows down with the sweat issue, try dabbing a touch of lavender under your nostrils to block these smells out!

One final tip that goes without saying is to book your flight with a reputable company! This way you can avoid any problems that may occur before you even get to the airport! Choose a company such as directline-flights for complete peace of mind.