Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Say NO to flight delays!

There's nothing more annoying than getting to the airport with plenty of time to spare, queueing all the way through to departures before hearing an announcement over the P.A system explaining that a flight has been delayed.....and lo-and-behold it's your flight!

It may seem that such delays are completely out of your hands... and they, are as most are caused by factors such as weather conditions, mechanical faults or airspace issues. But these delays can actually be avoided by following a particular set of rules.

1. Fly in the morning
If there were any mechanical problems with your plane, they are more likely to be fixed through the night when a plane has more chance of being grounded and worked upon compared to during the busier period during the day. Terrible weather is more likely to hit in the afternoon to so this also makes flying in the morning a prudent idea as well.

2. Check who you're flying with
There are now a number of online resources that actively allow you to look up the percentage of flights that are on time or late for a particular airline, showing you who you should be travelling with.

3. Which airport are you flying from?
Many airports are affected by the weather, and therefore delays. Choose to travel from any city that has prolonged periods of inclement weather and things may begin to go downhill. This especially true in the case of cities that are affected by fog and heavy cloud cover so you may want to avoid San Francisco on your travels!

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