Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Best Duty-Free Buys

Holidays do not just present us with a chance to get away from the stress and strains of our often mundane existence - They also present us with the chance to stock up on quality luxury items that can be found in the treasure trove that is the duty free section of International airports!

There are certain items that we should steer clear of in duty free, (think of those gigantic novelty chocolates that you devour as soon as you get home), but there is a trio of items that are fairly priced and are far too good to be ignored. If you are venturing out of the comfort of the EU you will find that your savings are even greater on these goods.

1) The item that you will make the most saving on is cigarettes. Without the vast amount of tax the British government imposes on these cancer-ridden little sticks, you will find you can make a profit of £5 per pack. Better still, you can potentially earn yourself a few extra pounds by selling to smoker friends.

2)If you are a regular drinker of spirits you can stock up in duty free and save yourself many a pound. The best technique is to buy in bulk, raising your long-term savings even more. You will also find that duty free sections stock local spirits that are difficult to find in Britain.

3)Fragrances present another duty free choice that often undercuts our high-street retailers. There are often special deals and promotions on these products, providing even better savings for flyers.

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