Thursday, 24 February 2011

The fail-safe way to upgrade to business class!

Ever been on a ten hour flight and looked longingly towards the front of the cabin where those business class folk recline in luxury in their soft, padded, leather-bound, luxury seats?!

Yep, me too. I mean, they don't even have to contend with the thought of suffering from DVT on landing or painful muscle cramps causing you to jump, bolt upright in your seat on multiple occasions during the flight. Ok, seat space may effect me more than most due to the fact I'm a tad on the tall side, but an upgrade to business class sure would make a long-haul flight a more bearable for anyone.

So, how can you actually go about getting an upgrade into the elusive business class section?
Many upgrades happen because it makes sense for the airway. By moving you, they can make room for a larger group if the flight is close to capacity. Therefore, if you are a lone traveller you have a far greater chance of an upgrade for this reason. This upgrade tip is especially true in the school holidays when flights are more family orientated.

But without a doubt, the best tip is to just be polite! Its a simple yet effective way of making an impression on the staff at the airport and on the plane. If you're brave enough, just ask politely at check-in or once you're on the plane. If you come across as relaxed, charming and well-dressed you can certainly increase your chances!

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