Thursday, 4 December 2008

Airport Focus: London City Airport

Situated in the former East London dockland area, London City Airport is a single runway airport which enjoys the status of being the only airport that is actually within London, and is the closest private jet centre to central London. Not only that, but London City Airport is a mere two miles from the site of the 2012 Olympic Games, which will give it great importance around the time of the next Summer Olympics. The airport is but three miles from Canary Wharf, six miles from the bustling financial City of London, and passengers travelling to and from the airport can enjoy fast transfers on the Docklands Light Railway, with a journey time of just 22 minutes to Bank Tube Station in the heart of the City.

With neat credentials such as these, it’s not surprising that London City Airport experienced record growth last year, with over 2.9 million passengers travelling through the terminal.

With its proximity to the financial district, and obvious convenience for those involved in finance, the airport gets considerable support from the business community. The ease of use of the airport is made even more so with faster check-in times than any other London airport.

Next year British Airways will launch from here its first business-class only transatlantic service to New York on the Airbus A318, which will be the first ever transatlantic scheduled flight from the airport.

London City Airport has recently made available throughout the whole of the terminal area free WiFi for all its passengers, and is the first airport in the UK to offer this service.

So from former dockland area to well-located airport, London City Airport is continuing the tradition of international links to East London.

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Fight the Flights - Not Anti Aviation - But Anti Expansion. said...

It's not surprising that an article like this has been written with such a positive spin towards the businesses that use it. I see that you have not made any comment on the growing campaign from local residents and people from further afield that do not want this airport to expand.
London City Airport is situated in one of the most densely populated areas in the whole of the UK. When it was first brought to the East of London it was a stole port with small prop planes and some concerns were brought up by residents about it being expanded. They were told not to worry. But since it has been sold to GE and the other parties involved they have used heavy handed tactics to grow it to a dangerous level.
Campaigners will make sure that the public are made aware of the truth about London City Airpot and not the spin that is put out.

Go to to see the truth