Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Fine fayre above the clouds

The thought of an airline meal tends to summon up images of a plastic carton of food that has just been in the microwave. So, does it get any better than this? Well, the answer is it can do if you fly first class, and you choose your airline carefully.

A recent survey into airline meals eaten in first class reported by AOL Travel found Gulf Air to be offering the most top notch repast, which may be something to do with the fact that each plane has a chef on board. The in-flight chef produces dishes such as honey glazed quail on a sweet potato cake, or Arabic spiced veal ragout!

In second place is Cathay Pacific, where the food preparation is completed on board with rice cookers, skillets and toasters which are used to complete a breathtaking variety of Chinese and Western dishes. In first class they also have a fridge where you can help yourself to top quality sandwiches, and other yummy snacks. A great way to pass the time in the air.

In third place was Singapore Airlines with its choice of two types of champagne - Dom Perignon, or Krug. Some of the dishes available recently have been Korean style eel fillet, Wagyu beef and spicy chicken satay. This very excellent food is served on Givenchy china, and you can wash it all down with a gourmet coffee afterwards.

In fourth place is Qantas who serve tasty caviar before every meal in first class. This is followed by no less than eight courses, including such fantastic delights as shiitake wontons, grilled lamb cutlets in olive sauce, and quince tart with thick cream.

So, be prepared to eat well if you choose to travel in style.

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