Sunday, 24 August 2008

Picture this: inflight meals

Inflight meals, love ‘em or hate ‘em, they certainly tend to break the monotony of a long flight, and I have to admit, having flown with a number of different airlines, I have never really had a bad one.

For a short hop, the meal might be just a continental breakfast, or a beverage and a sandwich, but the meals are a bit more elaborate and numerous where long-haul is involved, with lunches and dinners being simple three course meals, usually served with the option of wine.

When you are wondering which airline to travel with, food and catering may well be a factor, and there is actually a way to see what your meals will be like in advance, as there now seems to be a trend for people to photograph their meals, (prior to eating), and post the images up on the web. Try searching for “inflight meals” on Flickr, or alternatively, take a look at the specialist site who have a comprehensive list of photographs of airline meals, complete with rankings and comments that you can search by airline. You can see the lovely cheeses, croissants and yoghurts of Air France, the delightful sushi of JAL, and all the other airlines’ offerings.

Preparing and delivering meals, beverages and snacks to airlines is a big business, and some of the companies that undertake this are Servair, LSG Sky Chefs, and Gate Gourmet. Some airlines even hire celebrity chefs to plan menus for them, which also helps to promote the airline.

So, if you feel like taking a photo of your meal when you are above the clouds, I look forward to seeing it online.